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Preparation of disinfectant solutions

The preparation of disinfectant solutions is a rather complex and labor-intensive process that requires a high level of qualification and specialized industrial equipment. To create an effective and environmentally friendly substance, high-quality components are used, and strict technology requirements are followed.

LЭT Company supplies its clients with Anolyte ANK, which fully complies with national and international standards.


Preparation of disinfectant solutions

Preparation of disinfectant solution Anolyte ANK

During a pandemic, there is nothing more important than ensuring that the areas where you spend most of your time are not only visually clean but also disinfected from bacteria, viruses, and microbes. Disinfectant solutions are necessary to achieve the appropriate level of disinfection in homes, offices, hospitals, and schools. Proper preparation of disinfectant solution directly impacts the health and safety of people.

A meticulous and qualified approach to preparing working solutions of disinfectants enables achieving impeccable properties and qualities of the substance Anolyte ANK. The most important advantages, proven by numerous studies, include the following characteristics:

  • High antimicrobial activity aimed at destroying various pathogenic microorganisms that negatively affect human health.
  • Simultaneously possesses disinfecting and sterilizing qualities.
  • Wide range of applications – the ability to use the solution for treating medical devices, equipment, food products, etc.
  • The substance has cleaning abilities, allowing simultaneous cleaning and sterilization.
  • Ability to carry out room disinfection even in the presence of patients.

In addition, the preparation of working disinfectant solutions performed by LЭT employees using high-quality components enables achieving other positive properties. Environmental safety, good indicators of cost-effectiveness and return on investment, and the ability to replace up to 99% of all existing disinfectants are the advantages that determine the expediency of using Anolyte ANK.

Why the preparation of disinfectant solution for wet cleaning of premises is entrusted to us

Disinfectant solutions prepared by our company have the following advantages:

  • High quality of the supplied substance – strict adherence to technological prescriptions guarantees customers the impeccable quality of the supplied solution.
  • Affordable cost – consumers receive solutions without the need to overpay.
  • Quick response to incoming requests and prompt delivery of purchased products – our employees immediately after agreeing on the details fulfill the assigned tasks.

If necessary, the company’s specialists will provide detailed and competent information regarding the preparation of disinfectants for room cleaning. You just need to use the provided phone number.

Advantages of Anolyte ANK

Anolyte ANK is a clinically proven disinfectant. It kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses upon contact with a 10-minute exposure time. It does not irritate the skin or eyes, so it is safe to use at home and in the workplace.

Anolyte ANK is highly effective against spores, molds, and even odors. This hospital and food-grade disinfectant solution is safe to handle and use, so you don’t need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), and it can be effectively applied by spraying or wiping.

It also suppresses the growth of these microorganisms and eliminates odors at the molecular level rather than masking them with fragrance.

Anolyte ANK is ready-to-use for disinfection and does not require dilution. The clear, colorless liquid emits a slightly noticeable chlorine smell. At the end of surface treatment, the solution does not need to be neutralized or washed off.

The disinfectant solution is highly effective for wet cleaning of premises.

In this disinfectant solution, you can soak clothes, toys, cleaning rags, wash dishes.

Anolyte ANK is a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial solution that effectively controls a wide range of harmful pathogens.

The disinfectant solution is sold in the required concentration, which can be used to treat any surfaces, thereby avoiding the spread of unwanted infections, including the coronavirus. The instructions for use are posted on the outside of the canister as an information sheet.

Unpacked Anolyte ANK should be stored for no more than one month. Sealed Anolyte ANK can be stored for 6 months.

How disinfectant solutions are stored

Several factors need to be considered for effective storage of disinfectant solutions.

Firstly, it is necessary to provide a sufficiently spacious room, which should be clean, dry, and protected from direct sunlight. It is also important to provide a ventilation system to maintain optimal storage conditions.

Secondly, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each specific disinfectant solution. Some of them require storage at certain temperature conditions, so it is necessary to provide an appropriate cooling or heating system. It is also important to provide stable shelves or racks for placing containers with solutions to prevent possible damage or spills.

Thirdly, it is necessary to ensure optimal safety measures for storing disinfectant solutions. This includes providing access only to authorized personnel and providing personal protective equipment for employees who will deal with the solutions.

Storing disinfectant solutions is a responsible and important process that requires not only appropriate infrastructure but also knowledge of rules and safety measures. Only by observing all necessary conditions can the safety and effectiveness of these agents be guaranteed, which will ensure the safety of people and prevent the spread of infections.

How to Prepare Working Solutions of Disinfectants

Proper use and preparation of working solutions of disinfectants are essential components of effective bacteria, virus, and other pathogenic microorganism control. The fundamental steps for preparing working solutions of disinfectants are as follows:

  1. Selecting the right disinfectant: Depending on the goals and the type of surface you intend to treat, different types of disinfectants may be required. For instance, alcohol-based solutions or chlorine-based products are often used for disinfecting surfaces in medical facilities.
  2. Gathering necessary materials and equipment: Before starting to prepare the working solution, ensure you have all the required materials and equipment. This may include gloves, a measuring cup, a bucket, a spatula, or other tools depending on the type of disinfectant.
  3. Follow manufacturer instructions: Each disinfectant comes with its own set of instructions for dilution and usage. It’s important to carefully read and follow these instructions to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. Improper dilution of the disinfectant can result in inadequate effectiveness or even the creation of hazardous chemical compounds.
  4. Proper dilution of the disinfectant: Preparing a working solution of a disinfectant requires precise adherence to the proportions indicated on the label or in the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a measuring cup to measure the required amount of concentrated solution and water, then thoroughly mix the solution.
  5. Safety during use: Remember safety precautions when working with disinfectants. Use gloves and eye protection, avoid skin and mucous membrane contact. It’s also important to store disinfectants in a place inaccessible to children and avoid mixing them with other chemicals.
  6. Correct application: After preparing the working solution, apply it correctly to the surfaces. Use cotton or microfiber cloths for application, ensure the surface is completely covered with the solution, and leave it for several minutes (the contact time may vary depending on the type of disinfectant).

Proper preparation of working solutions of disinfectants plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the disinfection process. Follow the steps and manufacturer instructions mentioned above to achieve optimal results and provide maximum protection against pathogenic microorganisms.

Storage of working solutions

You can prepare and store multi-use disinfectant solutions in advance in a dedicated area or specialized storage space. These solutions should be stored in designated containers with appropriate labeling. Ensure these containers are tightly sealed with a lid and are used strictly for treating specific objects. Clearly label them or attach a sticker with the name of the disinfectant, its concentration, the date of solution preparation, the expiry date, and the object being treated.

It is prohibited to use makeshift containers, such as food jars, for preparing and storing working solutions.

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