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Flow-through electrolyzers AquaChlor-GPHE

“AquaChlor-GPHE” is an electrolysis plant designed for on-site production of low-concentration sodium hypochlorite 0.8% from water and table salt.

Electrolysis plants for the production of sodium hypochlorite by the company “LET” produce sodium hypochlorite on-site from readily available raw materials. The process of producing sodium hypochlorite in the electrolysis plants AQUACHLOR-GPHE requires table salt, water, and electricity. Therefore, this process is environmentally friendly, economically advantageous, and convenient.

Producing sodium hypochlorite on-site through the electrolysis of a saltwater solution proves to be more economically beneficial than purchasing ready-made chlorine reagents.

Our company offers individual design according to your order, turnkey solutions, or supply of separate units of the AQUACHLOR-GPHE installation. We also offer the modernization of existing complexes.

Our goal is to help clients successfully implement their projects considering technical and financial parameters. A comprehensive approach enables us to organize turnkey projects, including installation, commissioning, and service maintenance.

LLC “LET” supplies, installs, and services sodium hypochlorite generators of any capacity. You can find a review of high-capacity complexes by following the link (or in the “Reviews” section).

Additionally, we perform electrode coatings for ORTA and OIRTA.

Our company offers the most advantageous conditions since we conduct electrode coatings in-house, using our own equipment, in accordance with regulatory documents (“Certificate of Special Registration” No. 0160028664 from the State Inspection for Probe Supervision of the Russian State Assay Chamber).

Model range of electrolysis plants

Typical installations of “Aquachlor-GPH” have a capacity from 0.5 to 1000 kg of active chlorine / day.

Electrolysis plants are installed in complexes, which allows you to get any necessary performance for active chlorine.

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To select an electrolyzer, we invite you to contact the specialists of LLC “LET”. To do this, contact us in any convenient way and get comprehensive information on the equipment.

You can learn about the principles of choosing the type of electrolyzers and the reagent obtained in the ARTICLE section.

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Technology and reagent

“Aquachlor-GPHE” – flow electrolyzers. In the sodium hypochlorite generator, the principle of non-fragmented electrolysis is implemented.

The design of the flow-through electrolyzer is arranged so that a solution of sodium chloride enters the reactors of the installation, where chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hydroxide (alkali) are formed during the electrochemical reaction.

The reactor electrodes are not divided into cathode and anode zones, which makes it possible to obtain low-concentrated sodium hypochlorite directly in the reactors of the installation.

The hydrogen is diluted with air and removed from the room.

Advantages of electrolysis plants

Aquahlor-GPHE flow electrolyzers are reliable and easy-to-maintain equipment.

The requirements for the quality of the saline solution are minimal (see the section Salt solution preparation complexes). In combination with equipment for cleaning salt solution, it is allowed to use salt of any quality as a raw material. Flow-through electrolysis plants are widespread and have proven themselves well at water treatment and sanitation facilities.

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