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Submersible and Deep Well Pumps


A submersible pump is a device that is lowered below the level of the liquid being pumped. This allows for the lifting of liquid from significant depths, ensures effective cooling of the pump components, and enables the pumping of liquids with dissolved gases. Such pumps are installed in boreholes, shaft wells, and technological containers.

There are two main types of submersible pumps:

    • Rod-type Submersible Pumps: In this type of pump, the drive is provided by an independent motor located on the surface of the liquid, using mechanical linkage (rods);
    • Rodless Submersible Pumps: These pumps are integrated into a single unit with an electric (or hydraulic) motor. The power for the electric motor is supplied through a submersible power cable. Rodless pumps are the most common and include well pumps, wellhead pumps, sewage pumps, and drainage pumps.

When using a hydraulic motor, the energy source is the same liquid being pumped, supplied to the pump at high pressure. In this case, an independent motor with the pump is installed on the surface. Among submersible well pumps, centrifugal pumps with submerged water- or oil-filled sealed electric motors connected by a short shaft in a monoblock are the most popular. This monoblock is suspended in the well on a column of water lifting (pump-compressor) pipes or is installed with a pipeless water lifting device, fixing the pump in the well casing at the required depth and ensuring the lifting of the liquid to the surface through the casing pipe.

The duration of the stable and energy-efficient operation of a multi-stage centrifugal submersible pump in a well is an indicator of the technical level and quality of pump products, which may vary among pumps from different manufacturers under comparable conditions. The pump’s lifespan in the well affects the life cycle of the well and the associated operational costs.


Submersible pumps find wide application in various fields:

    • Oil extraction;
    • Systems for underground leaching of valuable minerals (uranium, gold, rare earth elements using physico-chemical geotechnology);
    • Water supply and sewage systems for municipal and industrial facilities, as well as private residences;
    • Irrigation systems;
    • Utilization of low-grade geothermal energy by heat pumps (WSHP);
    • Transfer of liquefied hydrocarbon gases.

    SBPM – Submersible Borehole Pump

Name Indicator Note
SBPM 2 – 7 “ Pump Diameter, 10 – 400 м Head 10 – 1000 l/min



SSP Profi – Submersible Pumps for Wastewater

Name Indicator Note
SSP Profi 5 – 50 м Head 50 – 5000 m³/h


Sand Pump  – Submersible Pumps for Sand Transfer

Name Indicator Note
Sand Pump 5 – 40 м Head 50 – 500 m³/h


ISP – Submersible Pumps with Protection

Name Indicator Note
ISP 10 – 30 м Head 10 – 100 m³/h


GSP – Submersible Drainage Pumps with Grinder

Name Indicator Note
GSP 1 – 20 м Head 1 – 15 m³/h


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