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Metering Pumps

Functionality and Application of Metering Pumps in Modern Technologies

A metering pump is a device that plays a key role in a wide range of industrial and scientific processes. It is used for the precise delivery of liquids or gases over a specific distance and under specified conditions. This technical device consists of several key components, each of which performs its function in the dosing and transfer process of the medium.

Operating Principle

A metering pump operates on the principle of peristalsis or diaphragm action.

In the case of a peristaltic pump, the liquid or gas is pumped through a flexible tube around which rollers or shoes are placed. The movement of the rollers or shoes creates pressure on the tube, causing the liquid to flow through it. This process ensures precise and uniform delivery of liquid or gas.

Another type of metering pump uses a diaphragm to create pressure inside the pump. The diaphragm flexes under the action of the pump mechanism, creating vacuum and pressure in the pump chamber, allowing the liquid or gas to pass through the system.

Application Areas

  • Medicine: Metering pumps are widely used in medical devices such as infusion pumps, which precisely dose medications and fluids into the patient’s bloodstream. This is necessary to ensure the accuracy and safety of treatment$
  • Chemical industry: In the chemical industry, metering pumps are used for precise dosing of chemical reagents in various production processes. This helps prevent excessive consumption of reagents and ensures process stability$
  • Food industry: In food production, metering pumps are used to accurately dose ingredients such as syrups, oils, flavorings, and other components, ensuring consistent quality and taste of the products$
  • Laboratory research: In laboratory conditions, metering pumps are used for precise delivery of reagents in chemical analyses, biological experiments, and other scientific research$
  • Oil and gas industry: In the oil and gas production and transportation industry, metering pumps are used for precise dosing of chemical reagents in processes such as purification, processing, and transportation of raw materials.

Metering pumps play an important role in various industries and sciences due to their ability to provide precise and stable dosing of liquids and gases. Their diverse designs and operating principles make them a universal tool for a wide range of applications where precise control of medium flow is required.

How to Choose the Right Metering Pump

Today, there are numerous types of metering pumps designed for various tasks. These include plunger, diaphragm, solenoid pumps, and others. Each type has its own characteristics, making them suitable for specific conditions and requirements.

To make the right choice for a metering pump, it is necessary to know:

  • The chemical properties of the dosed medium (pH, corrosion activity towards different materials).
  • The physical properties of the dosed medium (temperature, viscosity, density, etc., the content of inclusions and suspended substances).
  • The dose or quantity of the dosed reagent.
  • The range of regulation of the quantity of the dosed substance.
  • The back pressure at the injection point.
  • The method of dosing control.

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