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Actuator (hydro)

Hydraulic Actuated Equipment

The equipment is a combination of parts and devices designed to set machines and mechanisms in motion using hydraulic energy (the energy of fluid flow).

The hydraulic drive, together with auxiliary mechanisms (usually with mechanical transmission), forms a hydraulic transmission.

Compact and programmable, electric linear drives provide high force, precision, and speed with controlled acceleration and deceleration.

HA 200 – direct hydraulic drive

Designation or Name  Indicator or Parameter  Note or Remark
HA 200 – 93 60oC – 93oC, 17 – 207 atm Image of a direct hydraulic drive
HA 200 – 82  46-82oC, 17 – 207 atm
HA 200 – 177 18-177 oC, 17- 207 atm







 SRHA 200 – Hydraulic drive with return spring

Designation or Name

Indicator or Parameter  Note or Remark

SRHA 200 – 93

60oC – 93oC, 17 – 207 atm

Hydraulic pump with return spring

SRHA 200 – 82

 46-82oC, 17 – 207 atm

SRHA 200 – 177

18-177 oC, 17- 207 atm

Choosing the right hydraulic pipeline fittings plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient operation of the system and prolonging the service life of pipelines. Depending on the specific requirements of the system, appropriate types of fittings are selected, taking into account pressure parameters, temperature, and characteristics of the transported liquid.

Hydraulic pipeline fittings support the infrastructure of water supply and drainage, ensuring the stable and safe operation of the systems in which they are applied. Their diversity and functionality enable effective management and control of liquid flow, which is a necessary condition for the normal functioning of modern hydraulic systems.