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Air blowers

The purpose of blowers

Blowers are specialized devices designed for creating and controlling the airflow in various processes.

There are several types of blowers, each with its own features and applications. One of the most common types is regular electric blowers. They are equipped with powerful motors and can provide a high airflow speed.

For industrial and construction purposes, industrial blowers are widely used. They are characterized by high performance and the ability to operate in extreme conditions. Such blowers are used for drying, cleaning, and ventilating large buildings, warehouses, and construction sites. They are equipped with special filters and cleaning systems, allowing them to maintain a high level of cleanliness and safety.

Thus, the variety of blower types allows choosing a suitable model for different tasks and usage conditions. Thanks to their functionality, reliability, and high efficiency, blowers are an essential component of many industries and processes, providing comfort, safety, and time savings.

ZGRB – blowers with three blades for heavy-duty conditions.

Title Indicator
ZGRB 12 – 25 kW, 1 – 200 m3/h, -1 – -100 Pa vacuum


RRRB – Multiblade blowers for heavy-duty conditions

Title Indicator
RRRB 12 – 25 kW, 1 – 200 m3/h, -1 – -100 Pa vacuum


WMGB – Multistage turbofan blower

Title Indicator
WMGB 12 – 25 kW, 1 – 800 m3/h, -1 – -100 Pa vacuum


WMGBCI – Multistage turbofan blower made of cast iron

Title Indicator
WMGBCI 12 – 25 kW, 1 – 800 m3/h, -1 – -100 Pa vacuum


How to choose and buy a blower in Moscow

When choosing a blower in Moscow, it’s important to pay attention to several key parameters. It’s crucial to determine the area of the space for which the device is intended and also consider the type of filter used. Some models come with smart features such as air quality sensors and timer programs.

The purchase of a blower in Moscow can be made on the website of the company “LET,” where a wide selection of models from various manufacturers is presented.

Buying a blower in Moscow is an investment in the health of your family and the comfort of your home. Modern technologies allow creating optimal living conditions by ensuring air cleanliness and protecting against the negative effects of pollutants. By acquiring a blower, you take a step towards caring for your health and the well-being of your family.

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