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Modular Process Control Systems

Biological block-modular treatment plants for wastewater and sewage

Modern modular complexes like “KOS” for intensive biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater are key elements in the process of efficiently processing contaminated water within enhanced environmental requirements. These advanced installations introduce innovative solutions and water treatment technologies into the field of water purification and resource distribution.

Deep biological treatment installations in modular form, such as “KOS,” are designed for the detailed treatment of wastewater of various origins. They are equipped with special modules that apply biological methods to break down organic and other impurities, thanks to the active work of microorganisms, thereby achieving a high degree of purification.

“KOS” modular installations include various methods of biological treatment, including:

  • Aerobic processes with oxygen activation;
  • Anaerobic processes occurring without access to oxygen and based on the decomposition of organic matter;
  • Aerotanking, combining aerobic and anaerobic processes to increase overall efficiency.

Such treatment plants are used in various industries, including industries with intensive wastewater generation, municipal sewage systems for processing domestic wastewater, and facilities that require a high degree of water purification before returning it to the natural environment.


Block-modular wastewater treatment station


Block-modular sewage and wastewater treatment station

CWWTP MBR – блочно модульная система очистки сточных вод MBR

Name Indicator Note
CWWTP MBR 1/130 1 – 30m3/h, primary sedimentation 1 – 50 m3, contact oxidation tank 1 -130 m3

 Advantages of block-modular stations “KOS”

The advantages of using block-modular stations like “KOS” include:

  • High degree of purification;
  • Compliance with environmental standards;
  • Flexibility and modularity, allowing the system to be adapted to various wastewater flows.

These modern solutions represent innovative technologies for water resource treatment, providing a high level of purification, compliance with standards, and effective interaction with different wastewater streams. This makes them crucial tools for maintaining ecological stability and conserving water resources in the future.

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