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Double Suction Pumps

How Double Suction Pumps Work?

Double suction pumps are a technological solution that brings improved characteristics and increased efficiency to the fluid transfer industry.

The main feature of double suction pumps is their ability to intake fluid from both sides simultaneously. This creates an even distribution of pressure and reduces the load on the pump shaft. The process of fluid intake from both sides simultaneously contributes to improved hydraulic performance and reduced energy consumption.

Advantages of Double Suction Pumps

This type of technical equipment has several advantages:

  • Pumping efficiency: The primary advantage of double suction pumps is their high efficiency in transferring various fluids. Due to the even distribution of pressure, they can maintain a stable flow and minimize energy losses;
  • Reduced wear and maintenance: The double suction technology helps reduce pump wear by balancing the load on the shaft. This leads to an increased equipment lifespan and a lower frequency of maintenance;
  • Increased reliability: The more stable operation of double suction pumps ensures enhanced reliability for the entire system. This is particularly crucial in industries where equipment failure can have serious consequences;
  • Application in various industries: Double suction pumps find wide applications in different sectors such as the chemical industry, energy, water supply, and others. Their versatility and high performance make them an ideal choice for various technical tasks.

Double suction pumps represent a modern and innovative solution aimed at improving the efficiency and reliability of fluid transfer systems. Their advantages include high efficiency, reduced wear, extended lifespan, and diverse applications in various industries.

SSDSSCWP Double Suction Water Pump

The single-stage double suction pump SSDSSCWP, operating on the centrifugal principle, is designed for transferring water or other fluids with similar physical and chemical characteristics. This pump has found wide applications in industrial water supply systems, drainage pumping stations, construction, power plants, irrigation systems, water circulation, firefighting installations, general purposes in the oil refining industry, and other areas.

This pump can provide the required delivery points and lift within its operational characteristics. The double suction impeller has separate, offset, and inclined blades, ensuring high efficiency and low NPSH values. The hydraulic design of the pump is reliable, with self-balancing axial and radial forces designed to minimize pressure pulsations.

The SSDSSCWP series of double suction water pumps is available in a wide range of sizes. They are characterized by versatility, reliability, high hydraulic efficiency, and various material options. The bearing assemblies are reliable, easy to maintain, and powerful, with the option to choose different lubrication methods.

The company has the capability to supply any pump equipment.

SSDSSCWP – Single-stage double suction water pumps with a split casing

Designation Indicator
SSDSSCWP 50-3500 cubic meters per hour; 10-150 meters; 30-750 kilowatts

Single-stage double-suction water pump with a split casing