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Anode plates

The company “LET” manufactures titanium anodes ORTA and OIRTA, used in installations “aQuachlor”.

ORTA and ORTA-I anodes can have different configurations, are made of titanium coated with platinum group metal oxides or mixtures thereof (ruthenium dioxide and iridium dioxide).

aQuachlor installations use anodes coated with a three-component coating of OIRT (oxide-iridium ruthenium-titanium anodes).

The service life and corrosion resistance of anode plates depends on the percentage of iridium to ruthenium.

ORTA anodes are used in electrochemical installations for the production of hypochlorites, chlorates, for use in water treatment, electroplating and other areas of electrochemical production.

The coating of ORTA and OIRT can be subjected to repeated restoration.

To order the manufacture or restoration of the coating of ORTA and OIRT on anodes or anode plates, use the feedback form or by writing a letter to trade@eca.ru .