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New technologies of water disinfection in the Jewish Autonomous Region

In February of this year, the work on the transfer of the water disinfection system from dangerous liquid chlorine to the technology using a complex oxidant produced in the Aquaoxidant/aQuachlor installations was completed at the vodokanal of the city of Irradiation.

Technologists of LLC “LET” in close cooperation with specialists of the vodokanal carried out installation and commissioning works, as well as training of service personnel.

The water analyses carried out by the Federal State Institution “Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the EAO in the Irradiated area” showed full compliance with all the norms of SanPiN “Drinking water. Hygienic requirements for the water quality of centralized drinking water supply systems. Quality control.”.

The results of the work were highly appreciated by the Administration of the Irradiated urban settlement.

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