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Anolyte: features and scope of application of the disinfectant


Recently, the demand for disinfectants has increased several times. Solutions allow you to kill bacteria from the surface of hands and other objects. The substance is actively used to prevent the spread of harmful substances in the body. Careful treatment of hands before eating food, after visiting transport will reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses.

What is anolyte

Anolyte ank is a disinfectant that is obtained as a result of the chemical synthesis of table salt. The substance is obtained by processing a ten percent solution of sodium chloride in a special electrochemical reactor. The reactor consists of two chambers:

  • anodic;
  • cathodic.

The electrolyte solution is fed into two chambers, where reactions are formed under the influence of current. At the same time, the ceramic diaphragm plays an important role in the process of creating a solution. In the process of work, you can swap the processing of the substance in the chambers. Due to this, the dez means anolyte ANC with the necessary parameters is obtained. Such changes make it possible to use anolyte ANC in medicine and the household industry.

As a result of chemical processes, it is possible to obtain a neutral anolyte of ANC, which is used in medicine. It consists of several components:

  • hypochlorous acid;
  • hypochlorite;
  • chlorine dioxide;
  • of ozone;
  • additional components.

Neutral anolyte ANK pro super means for disinfection of various surfaces. Thanks to the multi-component composition, most of the bacteria are disinfected.

Antiseptic anolyte ANC is not a toxic agent. It is an aqueous solution that, at a low concentration, has high reactivity and catalytic activity. It has not only a disinfecting property, but also accelerates the healing process of wounds. Anolyte ANK super sch quickly and effectively fights suppuration, eliminates microorganisms, which in turn prevents the spread of bacteria in the wound cavity.

Anolyte ANK super refers to powerful anti-inflammatory substances. The solution is applied topically and externally. The body perceives the substance as an antiseptic, without any irritation or rejection of the drug.

The disinfectant anolit ANK can be found in some detergents. The substance protects the surface of the hands from irritation and has an antiseptic effect.

The disinfectant antiseptic anolit ANK is super suitable for everyday use.

The composition of the anolyte product

The substance belongs to antiseptic drugs. It is used for external and local use. Depending on the scope of application of the anolyte, its composition may vary. For medical purposes, a special substance is used that contains hypochlorous acid, hypochlorite ion, oxygen compounds. As an auxiliary substance, sodium chloride acts in a ratio of 22%.

The process of obtaining an anolyte

The process of obtaining an antiseptic consists of several parts. An aqueous solution of chlorine passes through the action of a current in a special reactor. The disinfectant enters the chambers where chloro-oxygen and hydroperoxide oxidants are produced.

On an industrial scale, the installation consists of an electrochemical reactor. This is a combination of several elements at once, where each performs its own function. All the reactors are placed in the installation housing. There is also a current distributor here, due to which reactions occur in the reactor. The water jet pump is responsible for the supply of the salt solution. The element regulates the amount of substance to be processed. After the salt solution enters the reactor cavity, the operation of the unit starts automatically.

The main task of the installation is to synthesize the saline solution in order to divide the composition into catholyte and anolyte. For the reaction, a 10% solution of sodium chloride or edible salt is used.

The installation can be of different types. It can work under the control of the operator and without it. During operation, it is important to observe the operational characteristics of the unit.

Mandatory compliance with the temperature regime. The minimum indoor air values should not be less than 10 degrees, the maximum ― 35.

Anolyte Manufacturer

Today, the manufacturer of anolyte ANK LLC LET, produces it in various volumes. You can purchase the necessary stock. There is an alternative method for medical institutions. It is possible to install units for the production of anolyte directly in the institution. The process is established continuously. The production of the disinfectant is carried out around the clock.

In what package is the Anolyte produced

The scope of application of antiseptic is quite wide. First of all, medical institutions need antiseptics. Therefore, you can purchase the substance in different volumes:

  • Anolyte ANC 1 liter.
  • Anolyte ANC super 5 liters.
  • Anolyte ANC super 10 liters
  • Anolit ANC super 20 liters

For the treatment of large rooms, the disinfectant anolit ANK super canister is suitable. Convenient packaging allows you to store the substance in any place.

The disinfectant anolit ANK super 5 l is enough for several months. It all depends on the intensity of processing and the size of the room. It is advantageous to purchase an antiseptic in a five-liter container for frequent use.

The substance can be produced in the form of an aerosol. It is convenient to irrigate small surfaces. The dispenser evenly distributes the anolyte on the surface.

Application of anolyte

The scope of application of the substance is wide. It is used as a disinfection of premises, the surface of the skin. Anolite ANK super is used for processing rooms in kindergartens or schools. Toys and furniture in a public place are regularly treated with a solution. In medical institutions, the use of an anolyte is necessary in order to neutralize harmful bacteria and microorganisms. In addition, you can use an anolyte ANC for hands. A powerful remedy that has a wound-healing effect.

In medicine, anolyte is used not only for the treatment of intensive care units and wards. The substance actively affects the skin, accelerating the regeneration process and reducing purulent secretions. It is used as applications for daily use.

For therapeutic purposes, a special medical solution is used, which can be purchased at pharmacy points. Small bottles, ready for use.

For personal needs, for the purpose of processing premises, shopping complexes, anolyte is used in the form of a spray or a conventional solution for wiping the surface. Large rooms are treated with an undiluted composition. The substance is not toxic. It is better to work with gloves in order to avoid over-drying of the skin with regular use.

Where to buy in Moscow

Today, you can buy an anolite ANK super in Moscow by placing an order on our website. A wide selection of substances in different containers. The volume depends on the frequency of use. The larger the volume, the more profitable the cost. Convenient packaging makes it possible to store the substance in any suitable place.

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