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Aquachlor on guard of Manturov water


Until February 2012, the water for the Manturovians was purified, making it suitable for consumption, with the help of chlorine. Liquid chlorine is a substance dangerous for transportation and storage, therefore the Manturov water intake was included in the register of hazardous production facilities.

Due to the inconvenience of delivery, the high operational danger of using liquid chlorine, as well as the tightening of industrial safety requirements during the work, the city administration decided to purchase two new safe and efficient aQuachlor-500 installations for water disinfection. They were purchased from the Laboratory of Electrochemical Technologies LLC and installed at the water intake station. After testing, since February, the installations began to purify water for Manturovians.

– It’s easy to work with Aquachlor, – said Lyubov Temezhnikova, the operator. – I can’t even believe that two such small installations provide disinfection of water for the whole city. My task is to monitor the readings of the instruments and adjust the parameters.
– For 1.5 months of operation of the aQuachlor installations, the results of laboratory control of drinking water according to bacteriological indicators did not reveal a single deviation from the norm, – commented on the situation in Vodokanal LLC. – We have already purchased an annual supply of salt, on which new installations are operating. There is a spring flood ahead, we hope that aQuachlor will prove itself well in a difficult situation.

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