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STEL is the common name of a family of installations for the production of electrochemically activated (ECHO) disinfecting, washing, sterilizing solution (anolyte ANC) by electrolysis of saline solution.

Anolyte ANC is included in the register of disinfectants.

On our website you can read the instructions for the use of An Anolyte

Anolyte ANC has a wide range of applications:

in medical institutions for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces;
in food industries for washing and disinfection of technological equipment;
in animal husbandry, poultry production, fish farms, etc.
In the GALLERY of our website you can learn more about the type order of STEL installations.

We produce both serial and exclusive equipment at the request of the Customer.
All installations are divided into two families, depending on the type of reactors used and the design – CHAIR and STEEL-ANEK-PRO.

Table 1 shows the main characteristics of the equipment.

Table 1

  • substance content in anolyte is 100-500 mg/l (0.01-0.05%);
  • mineralization less than 5 g/l;
  • pH = 7-8;px
  • shelf life of anolyte 30 days;
  • electricity consumption for the production of 1 l of anolyte ANK – 0.01 kWh / l;
  • the salt consumption for the production of 1 liter of anolyte ANC is 5 g/l.
  • active substance content in anolyte 500-1200 mg/l (0.05-1.0%);
  • mineralization less than 1 g/l;
  • pH = 7-8;
  • the shelf life of the anolyte is 30 days;
  • electricity consumption for the production of 1 l of anolyte ANC – 0.005 kWh/ l;
  • salt consumption for the production of 1 liter of anolyte ANK – 2 g / l.

The model range of serial equipment is presented in Table 2.

Table 2.

STEL Series
STEL-20  20 l/hour  
STEL-40 40 l/hour
STEL-60/60A  60 l/hour

Isp.1 – (mod.A) full automatic

Isp.2 – semi-automatic installation

Placement – wall/desktop

STEL-80/80A 80 l/hour
STEL-120/120A 120 l/hour
STEL-250/250A 250 l/hour

Fully automated installation.

The placement is desktop.

STEL-ANK-PRO-30 30 l/hour

Open-frame construction, floor-standing, with a built-in power supply, with a system for preparing the initial solution, a tank for the accumulation of an anolyte, a tank for flushing the system. A round-the-clock operation mode is provided.

STEL-ANK-PRO-50 50 l/hour
STEL-ANK-PRO-100 100 l/hour
STEL-ANK-PRO-500 500 l/hour



80-180 l/hour

Fully automated installation, wall mounting (desktop placement is provided).

Provides automatic flushing without connecting additional devices, monitoring of water pressure on the electrochemical unit, maintaining the required level of anolyte in the storage tank.

The unit produces any anolytic solutions both in concentration and in total mineralization.