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New! STEL for home

Dear customers!

LLC “LET” represents a household generator of a disinfectant solution of the line of STEL equipment.

The device works on the principle of electrolysis of saline solution to obtain active disinfectants. Designed for disinfection at home.

It is possible to regulate the concentration of the resulting desolution. The ease of operation and low weight of the device make it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

If you have any questions about purchasing this model, please contact us by phone (495) 232 00 66.

Scope of application

The resulting dezrasvor has a wide range of applications in everyday life: disinfection and washing of kitchen utensils, plumbing equipment, washing floors and walls, processing of various household items, pre-disinfection of products and packages before washing with water, etc.

Operating modes

There are three modes of operation:

  1. 300 ml of water + 7-8 g of salt – the concentration of desolution is 300-500 mg/l;
  2. 300 ml of water + 15 g of salt – the concentration of desolution is 500-800 mg/l;
  3. 300 ml of water + 22-23 g of salt – the concentration of desolution is 1000-1500 mg/l;

The operating time of the device in all three modes is 8 minutes.

Salt is food grade “Extra” non-iodized, water is cold tap drinking (if possible, use softened water after a household filter jug).


Weight – 0.5 kg.

The useful volume is 300 ml.

Power supply – USB cable (included).

Rated power – 7 watts.

The cycle time of the preparation of the desolution is 8 minutes.