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Disinfectant solutions (Anolyte ANC)



In the context of the spread of COVID 19 coronavirus infection, our company is ready to provide effective solutions for disinfection of social infrastructure facilities, medical and industrial premises, public places – Anolit-ANC, as well as installations for its production at the place of application.

Anolit-ANK is a universal highly effective disinfectant for the treatment of surfaces made of various materials.

Anolyte ANC is included in the register of disinfectants.

Read the instructions for the use of An Anolyte.

Download the presentation to learn more about the use of An Anolyte.

Скачать (PDF, 1.44MB)

If you have any questions about the purchase, we invite you to contact the specialists of LET LLC. To do this, contact us in any convenient way and get comprehensive information on the cost and delivery time.

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