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Disinfection of drinking water


Currently, the fight against the pathogen is important. To do this, it is required to chlorinate the water using special AQUACHLOR electrolysis units. This will allow to carry out disinfection of drinking water, to apply an effective means for disinfection.

You can purchase AQUACHLOR electrolysis plants and order their subsequent maintenance at the Laboratory of Electrochemical Technologies holding company, which is a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable equipment for the disinfection of water resources.

Why is it necessary to disinfect drinking water

Thanks to the chlorination of water, it is possible to destroy intestinal infections and destroy pathogenic bacteria that are dangerous for the human body. The Aquachlor installation successfully copes with this mission thanks to the synthesis of an electrochemical species, which is exposed to water when the unit is operating. Due to this effect, water resources become safe in epidemic terms, harmless in their composition and having organoleptic properties that are favorable for humans.

The Aquachlor installation is used:

  • at enterprises that prepare water for household needs;
  • at facilities that prepare water for technical purposes;
  • for filling pools;
  • at sewage treatment plants.

Advantages of AQUACHLOR installations

Disinfection of drinking water occurs in an effective way when using the Aquachlor electrochemical system designed for synthesis. Thanks to the simple use of the system, it is possible to chlorinate water in a short time.

There are such advantages when using the system:

  • Environmental friendliness. When using electrolysis equipment, there is no need to use chemical reagents, which in turn soften the water, but introduce harmful substances into its composition.
  • Compact size. With its high productivity, the installation is small in size and weighs up to 80 kg.
  • Automation of the process. Due to the design and technical properties, the installation works offline.

The purchase of AQUACHLOR electrolysis plants is the optimal solution for water disinfection in an effective way using modern technologies. In order to use a reliable system, you need to contact the company “LET” and consider the proposed range of chlorination plants.

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